Partnerships are critical to deliver results for children and UNICEF welcomes the support of corporate partners to increase resources and extend the reach of information to advocate for children and their rights
A great deal needs to be done for children in India to enable them to survive, grow up healthy and develop to their full potential in a protected environment. At UNICEF, we are conscious that we can achieve better results for children when we partner with other stakeholders who bring their technical resources and expertise to deliver programs effectively and make a sustainable impact.
Our programmes in India have donor partners not only from around the world, but also from within the country. 

Some of these are global donors like IKEA Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, while others are corporate entities donating through their headquarters like Barclays plc, H&M, Starwood Hotels, etc.

Within India we have a base of 150,000 individuals donors who contribute every month to the UNICEF program in India and half-a-dozen corporate partners who contribute to UNICEF either as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities or through their marketing/brand promotions.

UNICEF is the only UN agency which is funded entirely through voluntary contributions. UNICEF’s ability to advocate with governments at the policy level; its technical expertise and ability to scale up programmes put it in a unique position of strength to achieve results that are sustainable and impactful.

The key objective of our fundraising efforts is to ensure a steady pool of flexible and predictable funding which then allows UNICEF to work strategically and in a sustained manner over 3-5 years to achieve the desired impact. 

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