The most sustainable and flexible form of funds are the ones we raise from individuals within the country. These donations help ensure a ready source of continuous funding that can be used where the need is greatest.


Globally UNICEF encourages monthly donations from individual donors so that they can be a part of the global UNICEF donor family and be part of landmark changes in the lives of children.


Since 2006, when UNICEF started to fundraise actively in India, we have developed a loyal donor base of approximately 150,000 committed individuals. We raise funds via telemarketing, online, face-to-face as well as by direct mail.


As a rule, UNICEF or its designated representatives will never accept cash donations. Individuals are encouraged to log onto to our donations website and make a donations or send a cheque in the name of UNICEF.


To reach out to individual donors, we work through direct marketing agencies all over India. These outreaches are through digital marketing, telemarketing and through teams of people engaging in face-to-face interaction on the streets or malls on behalf of UNICEF.

The focus is to recruit donors who pledge to give every month since it is most cost-effective for us and help provide a pool of predictable funding for our programs which typically run a 3-5 year course.


UNICEF never asks for cash donations.

UNICEF registered agencies in India for individual fundraising 





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