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Silent Scream: Understanding nutrition crisis among India’s tribal children

India is home to 104 million Tribal Peoples. For centuries, forests nourished them. In the last 70 years, they lost their forests, their habitat, livelihood and social identity. 
Today, every second Tribal child is chronically undernourished.  The loss of land and livelihood is a major cause of undernourishment. Financial and social insecurity aggravates the problem of premature marriages and early pregnancy.  

70 per cent of Tribal women become mothers before the age of 20. 47 per cent of these mothers are undernourished. Poor sanitation and lack of public services exacerbates Tribal Peoples nutrition crisis. The nutrition crisis and neglect needs to end. It's time to correct the historic wrongs. Underserved and under nourished, the Tribal Peoples have been left for too long out of the India’s growth story. 
We need to realize... They are not 'they'... They... are Us
#iCOMMIT to change the situation...

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