21% of girls in India, 12 million, have been subjected to physical violence since age 15. 2.6 million girls aged 15 to 19, or 4.5% of the girls in that age group, suffered some form of sexual violence.

Ending violence against children is a challenging task as often they suffer in silence and many times adults turn a blind eye to the problem. It can only be ended by collective realization and empowerment.

The #ENDviolence #ItStartsWithMe campaign aims at raising awareness about different forms of violence, including physical, emotional, sexual and child marriage.

Join hands and take a step to #ENDviolence against children. I can #ENDviolence because #ItStartsWithMe



Que: What is Physical violence ?

Ans: Physical violence against children includes all corporal punishment and all other forms of torture, ...

Que: What do you mean by Sexual violence ?

Ans: Sexual violence comprises any sexual activities imposed by an adult on a child against which the chi...

Que: What is Intimate partner violence?

Ans: Intimate partner violence includes any physical, sexual or emotional abuse perpetrated by a current ...