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The Internet and social media provide incredible opportunities for children to learn, participate and socialize but they also bring significant challenges for the protection of children from abuse and violence.  

UNICEF India ASLI DOST #Staysafeonline campaign aims to raise awareness among boys and girls on how to safely navigate the online world. 

Check out the FAQs to learn more about risks and safety tips to #Staysafeonline

UNICEF ASLI DOST #Staysafeonline

Do not keep it for yourself, ask for help or advice to a REAL friend or if you need more help talk to an adult you trust or call Childline at 1098 day & night

How can you BE a REAL friend #Staysafeonline?

Ø  BE THERE for a friend in need

Ø  Treat others with RESPECT

Ø  HELP others to BE REAL friends

Tell us what you think! Tell us how do you keep yourself and help others to #StaySafeOnline? How you are a REAL Friend Online or how your friends were REAL Friends to you at UNICEF Facebook and Twitter

Do you need more info and tips on how to #staysafeonline?

Ask questions to the Online Expert on U Report India. It is very easy, private and confidential. The expert gets to only see your questions and not your name and contact details.

Only 3 steps:

1)      Click on UReport

2)      Click on Get started

3)      MAKE SURE TO START your question with the word ONLINE

You will receive the expert response within 24 hours!

Are you in danger or you need urgent help? Do NOT wait. Talk to an adult you trust or call Childline at 1098 during day & night