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Need more info and tips on how to #staysafeonline?

Ask questions to the Online Expert on Ureport India. It is VERY EASY, PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL, only the expert will see your questions and he will not be able to see your name.
Only 3 steps:
1) Click on Ureport  
2) Click on Get started
3) MAKE SURE TO START your question with the word ONLINE
You will receive the expert response within 24 hours! For urgent matters do NOT wait, contact Chidline at 1098 day & night.
You can also choose the option to register to Ureport India to receive more information and updates, also on jobs opportunities.  ALL the information you provide is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Need help to set up your security settings or to report or remove inappropriate content from the Internet?

- You can get quick tips on how to do it confidentially from the Online Expert on Ureport India

- Check out Aaramb Safety Check for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat.
- Report the link to online child sexual abusive material directly to the India Internet Hotline at http://aarambhindia.org/report/
Do you want to learn more about risks and safety tips to #staysafeonline? Explore the resources and links provides in this section.
Need more help?
Talk to an adult you trust or call Chidline at 1098 day & night.