Barclays and UNICEF joined forces to launch Building young futures in 2008. The three-year programme aims to empower thousands of young people across six countries including India, by providing them with the support and skills they need to achieve a brighter economic future for themselves and their communities.

In India, the partnership is helping thousands of girls and young women in the state of Maharashtra appreciate their self-worth and empower them to have prosperous and sustainable livelihoods, benefiting all of society.

Barclays is building on the work UNICEF has already done with village community platforms and women’s self-help groups, covering various life and business skills, and creating and delivering a new education module for schools.

Read more about the recent visit from a Barclays Senior Executive, Cathy Turner:

For more info on the partnership click here: - Individual Achievement of the Year – Asia Pacific

Barclays hosts the annual Chairman Awards to celebrate outstanding achievements and dedication of staff who inspire those to get involved in the community. 

Hanna Viegas won Individual Achievement of the Year (Asia Pacific), giving her time and skills to a UNICEF/Barclays project in India which supports more than 70,000 young females to develop their entrepreneurial skills to build a brighter future. Thank you from UNICEF!

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