Gift a child a new life – Return your old batteries

Exide Industries (Exide) supports UNICEF programs on Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in India. The partnership create awareness amongst customers to return their used batteries to Exide and encourages them by supporting hand washing programs in Assam and West Bengal.

Since 2009, Exide has committed their support to improve the everyday hygiene and access to hand washing facilities for school going children in these two states

About the EXIDE – UNICEF Partnership – Child Environment in West Bengal

The Total Sanitation and accelerated rural water supply programme

• Focuses on primary preventive measures for infant mortality and morbidity.

• Universal sanitation coverage.

• Integrated and convergence with nutrition, health and education.

• Demonstration of models on solid and liquid waste management.

• Focus on water quality affected habitations – safe drinking water options.

• Establishment of management systems to ensure water safety, sustainability, cost effectiveness and social equity of rural piped water systems.

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